Syria Bright Future

Syria Bright Future is a humanitarian, non-governmental non-profit organization. It started in 2008 in Syria by a group of specialists and non-specialists with the aim to enhance mental health in society, to increase societal awareness about it and to empower society's members to develop their potentials and abilities in a way that enhance their mental and psycho-social well-being. In 2012 and after the Syrian crisis began, some of the group members fled to Jordan and started an initiative that included visits to Syrian refugees. They called their project “Kefkum” (in Arabic: how are you?). They also visited patients with psychological disorders and some wounded persons. In 2013, SBF registered in Jordan by the help of Jordanian psychologists under the name “Bright Future for Mental Health”. BFMH started implementing many projects in Amman, Irbid, Al-Za'tari camp and inside Syria. In 2014, most of the Syrian members of the organization fled to Turkey and registered the organization there. SBF has a good experience in implementing mental health and psychosocial projects, both inside Syria and in other countries. Also, it has a special expertise in implementing educational programs in emergency settings.


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