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The Dome Project welcomes new members to its growing Dome Network of Ambassadors: a newly established network of dedicated cultural practitioners, human rights advocates and social researchers with the mission to promote good practices of solidarity through mapping, reporting and advocacy activities. Ambassadors are expected to identify inspiring solidarity initiatives and conduct one interview every two months with a representative, supporter or beneficiary of their chosen one, to be featured in the Dome Project’s editorial section. Last but not least, they are encouraged to communicate the Dome Project's values and activities in their local contexts. In return, Ambassadors:
  - Acquire hands-on, multi-layered knowledge on critical, sociopolitical issues in the region.
  - Gain experience in research, mapping and reporting practices within a multidisciplinary, intercultural environment that also provides regular training   and capacity-building opportunities.
  - Are acknowledged members of a vigorous cross-cultural community and have the chance to actively co-shape and participate in the Dome Project’s   ongoing activities.
  - Receive visibility and recognition through the Dome Project’s online platforms and their participation in its offline activities.
Dome Network of Ambassadors kicked-off in August 2016 with the support of Cultural Innovators Network.

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Constanze Flamme
I am a documentary photographer from Berlin, focusing on socio-economical aspects of society. My work explores the interspace between the factual and the metaphorical, the mundane and the political. 
 Mediation via photography and empowerment of young pupils in cross-cultural contexts is part of my work with imagery. I am a co-founder of Salon des Archipels for intercultural discourses on artist practices and exchange for migrants and the local community in Berlin and I am currently working on the launch of an online-archive contributed to narratives by refugees.
Reem Khedr
My name is Reem Khedr. I graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC) in December 2011 with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in sociology. I’ve been working with not for profit organizations for more than four years like Goethe Institute Cairo, Save the Children and Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement. Currently, I work as a program coordinator at Mahatat for contemporary art. I’m also a member of the Cultural Innovators Network (CIN).
Mietta Kyrios
I am an Australian public health professional with experience in both program development and research. Holding a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences from Monash University, and a Master of Public Health from the University of Melbourne, I have worked as a mental health strategist in both the Australiasia and EuroMENA regions. I am joining the DOME Project to promote the best interests of grassroots initiatives and to empower the communities involved in solidarity efforts.
Aysu Erdoğdu Miskbay
I'm a dreamer, believer, creator and connector. I transform the dream to the reality and create playgrounds where all may play and show their gifts. Eşya Kütüphanesi (Library of Stuff), an online platform to share stuff, and Bubble It! project, comics of social entrepreneurship, are examples from my path. As co-founder of Collective Creation, I know both sustainability and joyful living are reached through conscious and creative communities, so I continue spreading the word.
Martina Zuliani
I was born in Vicenza, Italy, and I am currently a PhD student of Ethnic and Migration Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the last 5 years, I have worked in several local, national and European projects on the Roma people social inclusion and on the reduction of discrimination towards them. As a voluntary worker, I took part in two actions for the refugees, first in Italy, during the Libyan war in 2011 and then in Slovenia from 2015 to 2016.
Abubakr Abdelbagi
I have over four years’ experience working in the fields of media, arts, and development. Currently, I serve as creative director of Nehna Media Group, which I co-founded with the aim of creatively addressing pressing societal issues in Sudan. I am also part of the Sudan Debate Foundation committee that strives to promote a culture of dialogue while empowering youth. I am also a caricaturist and illustrator who uses his art to address issues of public concern.